Sunday, November 14, 2010

'Moving on Up'

The day has finally arrived...moving day! Well, actually it just passed, because we moved yesterday. The long awaited journey for mother and daughter had arrived and has passed. We are finally with Coach in Massachusetts. It took six months, but we finally took the voyage and completed our travels safely.

It all started yesterday morning. Grandma, myself and Ms. Nikki packed ourselves up in the car and hit the road at exactly 9:05 (5 minutes behind the latest time deadline, not bad for traveling with a newborn) and headed to Auburn, MA. Fortunately, we were able to break up the six hour drive with a stop to see great grandma in Brooklyn, NY. It was a fabulous visit that allowed Ms. Nik to see not only her cousins and aunts, but her mother's best friend and great grandmother. The trip was one filled with happiness and reminiscing.

We got back on the road just before 4, about 40 minutes past our time deadline. We hit a little bit of traffic and made a stop to go pee and eat. We ended up in Auburn about 8 and instead of going straight to the house, we opted to visiting The College of The Holy Cross and their first home basketball game. Coach didn't know we were coming and it made for a great surprise. Not a happy outcome but a well played game against a formidable opponent.

We finally made it back to the house around 10 and after a night feeding, headed off to bed. It was a long day, but a great one. One that ended in a family coming together after a long 6 months of separation.

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