Wednesday, November 3, 2010

'Special Delivery'

As you may have noticed, I have been away for a few weeks. Things have been a little different around here. On October 20th, 2010 at 8:17 p.m., I gave birth to our first child, Kathleen Nicole a.k.a 'Nikki'. She is a beautiful, healthy baby girl that came in weighing 8.4 lbs and measuring at 21.75 inches. Yes, she was a biggin but it's okay because I didn't give birth naturally. I wanted too, but she got stuck in the birth canal and I wouldn't dilate past 6 centimeters. After 12 hours of labor and 3 plus hours at being at 6 centimeters, the mid wife and staff informed me it would be best to move forward with a C-section. After hearing further reasoning, we decided it would be best to move forward with the surgery.

My OB/Gyn and the surgical staff were amazing. I couldn't imagine feeling more comfortable while being sliced open. They had great rapport with one another and the conversation taking place was very relaxing. At 8:17, about 10 minutes after the surgery began, I got to hear the rather robust lungs of Ms. Nikki. They brought into sight and she was gorgeous. Coach was able to see so much more then me (including my insides), as I had a sheet panel blocking my view. After making sure she was okay and putting me back together, they moved me into the recovery room and I awaited the arrival of my daughter. They brought her in and wheeled her next to me, as they lifted her up I said 'hello' and she smiled, it was beautiful.

Since that day, Ms. Nikki has had everyone wrapped around her finger, including me.

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  1. Welcome are beautiful...and yes we are all wrapped around your finger.
    Great job Kevin & Trisha...we love you guys.