Friday, September 17, 2010

"The Joys of the Last Trimester"

So all and all, I can honestly say that I make pregnancy look easy. I found out probably 4 or 5 weeks into being pregnant, that I was in fact pregnant, which makes for a very long pregnancy. But I was fortunate, I was not stricken with the famous traits that most pregnant women must succumb too.

I don't know if it's a lack of hormones or what, but I have been blessed by the baby gods to be one of the few without those typical pregnancy issues (not to say I didn't get some). I never, not even once, got nauseous. I never had the taste of metal in my mouth (which is more common then you might think). I never had sore boobs(probably b/c I don't have any:)). I could go on and on about what I didn't have, it actually would probably be easier to state what I did have...occasional candy cravings (which I may have exaggerated at times - but come on, who wouldn't?!) On occasions, I did have leg cramps at night and my hips would hurt, but in fairness, my hips usually hurt pregnant or not (some friends say I'm part Labrador - a dog breed which is known for having hip dysplasia).

I think my luck has finally run its course though. With just 5 weeks to go, I'm starting to notice some changes and discomfort. I'm definitely getting bigger in the middle section, (which come on, at some point your body has to grow out, there is a kid living in your abdomen!)which makes moving around extremely difficult. And seeing your feet, forget about it!

A great example of this is from just last night. My mother-in-law and I were sitting in the living room, patiently waiting for Coach to come home from his recruiting trip. I had dropped a knitting needle and my mother-in-law was kindly helping me locate it. We found the needle on the side of the chair cushion and I began to starting knitting again, it was at this time when I realized I was sitting on the yarn. Like any other sane person, I tried lifting my butt up to pull the yarn out from underneath me. But I found that I had to rock back and forth to even attempt to lift my butt cheek up from where I was sitting. It was at this moment, I began to relate to the comedy sketches you see on t.v. of pregnant women. You know the ones where the woman is rolling back and forth attempting to get up only to fall back over?!. Those are all based off of true stories, I know because I just kept rocking (more like rolling)from side to side with absolutely no progress. As I was rocking from side to side attempting to free the knitting yarn from the depths of nowhere, do you know what my mother-in-law was doing???? She was laughing and laughing and laughing some more. Yes, this is the same woman who I so lovingly praised in my previous post, the same woman who now in my current state of despair wasn't helping or being supportive, but was using me as a tool of her amusement. But what can I say?! I was laughing too (which did not help the situation whatsoever). Finally, after what felt like an eternity, I freed the string. I learned my lesson and putting the knitting needles away.

In reality though, it's stories like this that get you through the hard parts of being pregnant. The times where your size has finally taken over and you feel like you'll never see your toes again. I won't complain because I know there are women out there worse off. Women who continued to throw up well past their first trimester, even though all of the books told them they would be fine after the first 12 weeks, women who have to leave the room because a certain smell makes them want to vomit, women who are stuck in bed at 20 weeks, with 20 more weeks to go. I know, I am one of the lucky ones. I can't say if its because of my hormones or because of my genetics (thanks mom), all I know is being a comedy sketch isn't all that bad in comparison to the alternative;)

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