Thursday, October 7, 2010

'The last weekend of Us'

As a coaches wife, one of the many things you have to except is being alone or I should say being without your husband. Its the rougher part of the job and definitely stinks if you enjoy your spouses company:)

This coming up weekend is a truly unique and special weekend. Its a milestone that I'm glad I've realized prior to the weekend being gone. This weekend, Coach comes to visit, his last visit before our first child is born. The last weekend before we move from husband and wife to mother and father. It seems pretty crazy to think about, but pretty awesome to know as we go into the weekend. Not many parents have that luxury. They don't have that luxury because they're together every day and they don't know when their baby will be born. We don't know when ours will be born (outside of the usual expected date) but we do know that after this weekend Coach won't be back until baby Robinson is born.

The great news is that he will be able to come down in the early afternoon tomorrow and stay until Sunday around lunch time. The bad news is a part (hopefully not a large part) of the weekend will be spent with him packing the remainder of our stuff away. I, of course, would love to help but given my 37 weeks of pregnancy unable too:).

My current dilemma is how to utilize this weekend to its full advantage. Obviously, there are certain options that are automatically out - drinking for example, not going to happen. So how do you spend your last weekend as husband and wife? do you try and accomplish everything that you want to do, that you know you can't after the baby is born? or do you spend it lazily together, knowing that this, even though not exciting, could be the last time to just be?

So I ask, how would you spend your last weekend together? or how did you spend your last weekend together?

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