Tuesday, October 5, 2010

"Pregnancy Brain"

What starts out as an other day, slowly turns into a pregnant brain day. Now, mind you, Coach will tell you otherwise and say its just 'Trishy brain', but there is truth to what is known as 'mommy brain' or 'pregnancy brain'.

The 'Pregnancy Brain' syndrome is when you think you are acting logically, you think you are following typical, every day steps, only to realize that you waited in line for gas for 10 minutes and your car is on the wrong side of the pump.

Well, that's at least one of my fun examples. The worst part is, sometimes you may not even catch your pregnancy brain acts, and unless others catch it for you, god only knows what you've left out or put in the wrong spot. I actually caught myself one time, putting the cereal box in the fridge. Harmless yes, but then you start to wonder, what's going to happen when I have a baby?!

I can see it now... 'Honey, where's Nikki?', 'I don't know, check the fridge'.

1 comment:

  1. That's ok..I found the missing garage door opener in the downstairs fridge...I wonder why Mom put it in there...oops..maybe it was me.

    Kim Y.