Saturday, October 2, 2010

"Heading into the Final Frontier'

Okay, so that title might be a slight exaggeration but we're definitely below the 30 day mark now!! Baby Robo could in theory make her appearance any day I ready? 'nope', am I excited? 'uh huh'.

Coming from a family that loves to plan and setup schedules, the not knowing and the unexpected is probably what is keeping me from answering both of those questions with a little more enthusiasm . With only 25 some days left, it's killing me (and I'm sure my parents) that we're unable to set dates and times or even flights. I currently have a husband in waiting, 6 hours away if driving or 1 hour if flying, and parents that are 10 hours away, 2 1/2 if flying. All of which can only sit and wait, while I sit and wait - can someone get me a pillow?.

But I do know the end is near, whether or not I can plan anything around it is a different story, but I do know, how do I know?!, I know because I wake up at night with pains shooting through my lower region, I know because my waddle has become slower and more defined (didn't think that was possible, either did Daisy), I know because my uterus is tightening up and performing practice rounds of labor (braxton hicks you little booger, you!), I know because I can no longer even think of eating pasta without some form of indigestion (two bottles of tums later). Apparently, what nobody tells you the first 8 to 9 months of pregnancy is that your baby is growing and while you think your body is too (it just appears that way), it's not until the last round that your body really starts getting ready.

At least now when strangers ask, 'how much longer?' I feel okay saying '3 weeks' vs when they were asking and I was saying '2 months'. Apparently, my belly popped sometime ago, those were always fun looks:)

I do love it when a stranger or an acquaintance asks, 'Are you excited?' with that anticipating smile - they just know you're going to say 'yes' - and you respond with 'well, kind of, but time is starting to go by pretty fast and all I feel like doing is back pedaling, haha'. The looks I get are definitely not ones of smiles, which I always think is hilarious. Hilarious, because they usually ask that question after they make comments like 'you'll start to get to know your baby after a couple of weeks', or, 'no more sleep for you, get use to being up every two hours' (I haven't slept through the night since about week 5 by the way), 'you're going to be emotionally drained, but also physically drained, which will add to your being emotionally drained'. Seriously, what kind of response do they expect?? 'Oh my god, yes, I am beyond excited!!, I love the idea of losing my mind mentally and my body physically, not knowing what my daughter wants from me, but trying to give her what she needs every few hours, who wouldn't be excited?!!!'...sometimes my sarcasm doesn't register for people, I guess I should start lying and just say 'yes':)

The weeks ahead should be interesting. I have laid out certain plans for the weekends and the upcoming weeks, but I have no doubts that with every doctor appointment, I'll need to adjust and change them. Which, frankly, I'm okay with, because that just means more planning for me:)

This weekend I'm suppose to be organizing, packing, finishing thank you notes and knitting...what can I say, last night was long and college game day is on...Go Canes!!!

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