Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Coach is home for a day...kind of

Ah, you got to love July. It's still knee deep in recruiting season, with the 2nd leg getting ready to kick into gear. Coach just came home, almost finished with the first leg. Gone from the 6th, he returned late last night and should be home for most of today before he heads out for two or three more days.

To celebrate the half way mark, I plan on making some flank steaks on the mini BGE (Big Green Egg - a wonderful and amazing ceramic grill that is green and shaped like an egg). I'll probably make classic baked potatoes as well. Not sure what the veggie will be, but who likes concentrating on those anyway:)

I know one thing, I am certainly looking forward to pulling out the egg and grilling. I prefer to grill only when the whole family is here, so anytime I can in July is a treat. Coach will be home, I believe, all weekend before he heads out next week for 10 days. I'm hoping that means tons of out door activities and grilling.

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