Wednesday, July 6, 2011

While the husbands away, the wife will save..

Okay, Coach has left and will be gone for most of the month of July (he'll be home in spurts, but not enough to count). My goal is simple, save, save, save! Now of course in order to save you must also purchase items or it doesn't really count.;) So in order to tackle my goal, I have formulated a plan. Today, is step 1.

Step 1. Create a list of my favorite companies, scour the internet for their contact information and request coupons. Now to help you out, I will be putting a list of my favs on this blog, so if you want to contact them you can. There is no guarantee that they will send coupons, but it never hurts and besides who wouldn't want to know that they are loved...

1. St. Ives -
2. Biore -
3. Pampers -
4. Betty Crocker -

Let me know if these links don't work. It will be the start of many more. If you have companies you want me to look into, just leave me the name in the comment section.

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