Friday, July 8, 2011

So just a few random thoughts for the day...1. The emails I sent out complimenting and requesting coupons did not work. Which means I have to try a new strategy. So assuming, tomorrow, I will still be avoiding the sheets I have to wash, I will be looking up and writing actual letters. I know crazy, crazy concept, going old school;)

With this bump in the road, it means stage two of my spending/saving money plan is going to be delayed. But that's okay, its a work in progress...step 2 is research. That's the fun part, the part where you don't have to spend any money just come up with ideas and dream of all the ways you can play and spend.

By the way, today and tomorrow only Walgreens will allow you to purchase one 8.5 x 11 linen photo book for the cost of shipping. Regularly priced at 19.99 plus shipping, you use code 'createbook' and get it for 6.99. Go get one!

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