Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Crazy day...

Got to love going away on vacation, except the days leading up to vacation anyways. Cleaning the house, running errands, packing, basically running around like a crazy person getting everything in order. If you're like me anyways. I always have to leave with a clean house, fresh linens, and as many clean clothes as possible. I mean, come on, you know when you get back you'll be swamped with dirty laundry and who wants to go grocery shopping immediately and what better feeling is there then sleeping in your own bed and the sheets are brand spanking clean.

So, that's what I did today. On top of my daughter having her 9 month check up, I cleaned the house, went to CVS (spent $14, saved $30), swung by The Cross (College of The Holy Cross - where coach works) to drop off banana bread and a sympathy card (the head coaches grandmother passed away earlier this week) but I also managed to go to the grocery store where I paid $24 and saved $50, yahoo!!

I do have a bittersweet relationship with the day before leaving. Never is there a day where you can feel more accomplished (still have to pack Nik, myself, daisy and the car, cook dinner, give Nik a bath and put her to bed) but running around like a mad woman is exhausting.

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